Food Trucks – Clover

A social entrepreneur is a innovator that can see solutions in working to resolve problems in a larger social community.  Who are working to change societies and systems within those using sustainable and innovative solutions.  Within the umbrella term of social entrepreneurship there are three different models, food trucks fall under a social business because they work for a profit and are selling food to the community. They reinvest the profits they make back into the business and the cause they are working towards improving.

Clover focus’s on buying local, and know exactly the origin of all their products and foods, “it’s important to build a brand, but it’s great to see the way that people look at food differently across the board” said by Dissabatino, a owner and founder of the Clover business talks about the mission and purpose of the Clover business.  Mayor Menino talks about how he sees the business and what he thinks it can bring to the community,  ” to use them as a platform to talk about and provide healthier food…” being able to educate the community about what is healthy and how to support the local farmers and food providers.

A writer, Jamie Ducharme, from Boston magazine tells her opinion of the Clover food truck, “This company is obsessed with keeping your food as fresh as possible” (  On their website they open everything about their business, they explain they don’t own a freezer, their menu changes week to week as the local and seasonal foods are available.

I feel this organization is very important because it not only provides people with easy access to healthy, local and fresh foods, that they otherwise might not have.  More importantly it provides people the education they need to understand what is important in supporting local businesses and eating healthy and fresh foods.

How can Clover improve its educational aspect in their business, because many people who research the company know its message but typical people on the street don’t?