What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?

To be an effective global citizen one needs to be committed to supporting developing countries; the roles of involvement can vary from going to countries and working with people to help educate citizens and promoting healthy lifestyles and on the other end a global citizen could be a person who isn’t directly involved but is supportive of their country’s work within and support of countries.  A global citizen is accepting of differences and respects other countries beliefs, traditions, political values, economy and all other defining aspects of a country.  A global citizen is willing to compromise with other countries, not compromising as in taking something away from your country to be able to help others but to be able to cooperate with other countries in times of war, and political conflicts.  Furthermore for countries to be able to work together the citizens need to be in support of their countries decisions otherwise there will be conflict within the country, which won’t be beneficial to anyone.  Additionally, in order to successfully work within your own country and with others, communication is key to make sure all people are aware of the situation, this doesn’t mean everyone needs to be in agreement but understanding is key to success.

United Nations Symbol

I see myself as someone who strives to be a global citizen.  I value helping and respecting other countries, I value raising awareness of global issues, as well as educating others about the environment, nutrition and politics.  Despite my values and beliefs as a high school student it is difficult to truly participate in the things I see as being a part of a global citizen.  I see myself becoming a global citizen in the future, an active participant in world issues and global education, rather than just a supporter.  Until I have the opportunities to become that person I think that I do a good job of being aware of global issues and trying to be educated about how I can be an effective citizen of the globe.  As said earlier a person can be a global citizen in many ways, and in my current life as a high school senior I feel I meet the criteria to be a global citizen as best I can.  I cannot vote which limits my ability to influence our countries decisions, and I am in school, which restricts my ability to travel to other countries and give aid.  As a senior in high school I am also much more capable of understanding the global issues our world is presented with and because of that I believe I am an aware citizen of the United States who is excited for what I will be able to do in the future.

“Today, every single one of us is a ‘Global Citizen’, whether we are conscious of it or not. Global inter-dependence happens every day. We rely on countless different people from all over the world for the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the technology we use. Our daily lives are constantly affected by what people on the other side of the planet are doing!”